Saturday, September 24, 2011

Keong Kee Heong Peah - Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

Ipoh, Gunung Rapat is famous for Heong Peah (literally translated to Fragrant Biscuits), a traditional Chinese biscuit with crispy layer outside, soft malt sugar paste inside.

The brand that I normally buy is the widely marketed and commercialized brand - Yee Hup. Today, my sister introduced me to another brand - Keong Kee Heong Peah, also from Gunung Rapat.

Keong Kee Heong Peah is baked the traditional way. The pastries are stuck onto the wall of an enclosed oven-like clay jar with burning coconut shells. The burnt coconut shells give Heong Peah, a unique aroma and thus it's name.

Whether it's Yee Hup's or Keong Kee's, Heong Peah is best eaten when it's freshly baked. I like both the brands even though I was told Yee Hup's is no longer made using the traditional oven.

When eating Heong Peah, make sure you have tissues or serving plates at hand in order not to create a mess.

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