Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant
26 Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 7877 7659 / 012 3789618
GPS: N3 06.933 E101 37.006

Seeri Authentic Thai restaurant is located on the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar, right beside Taiping Lang.

Fish Cake
Moey suggested that we (Kenny & I) meet up for dinner at this restaurant on Friday. Kenny was the first to arrive, I was late but Moey was worst. She arrived 2 hours later because it was pouring and every where was jammed.

Meang Kam
While waiting for Moey, we ordered "Meang Kam" (Thai salad) and "Tod Wan Pla" (fried fish cake) to munch.

"Meang Kam" is a simple but delicious appetiser. First, put the paste on the "daun gaduk", fold the "duan gaduk" and add the different shredded ingredients (shallots, lime, chili, lemongrass, roasted coconut and roasted peanuts). Enjoy the different flavors of the salad :) Go slow on the chili padi though...I can eat spicy food but the chili padi used for the "meang kam" is really "pedas".

Steam Seabass
"Pla Kapong Neung Manao" (steamed seabass with lime, garlic and chili padi). This dish was a "must try" dish on the menu. No regrets. We really liked this dish especially the soup which is slightly sweet, sourish and spicy. Yummy.

Green Curry Chicken
"Kheng Kiao Wan - Kai" (green curry - chicken). This dish is not too bad. I prefer red curry with duck but they do not serve that.

Mix Vege
We also ordered mix vegetable. After dinner, Moey and I go for dessert, "Tap Thin Krob" which I do not find nice...too much ice and coconut milk. What I liked though is the lemongrass tea. I had two glasses of that :)

Another great evening out with my best friends. They are always very supportive and concern about me. Friday was the 5th day I'm with my new company and it is great to have friends who care about how I am coping in the new place. Thanks Moey and Kenny. I know I can always count on you both :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Restaurant Hock Lai Bah Kut Teh - Klang

Klang is famous for Bak Kut Teh (BKT) and Restaurant Hock Lai which is located in Taman Intan (opposite the Chinese school) is one of the many BKT outlets.

Sai Kuat
My friend, Melissa and I love bak kut teh and last Saturday, we drove to Klang for bak kut teh breakfast.

We have tried Teluk Pulai Pottery Bak Kut Teh and today, we decided to try Hock Lai's.

Claypot BKT
We ordered a bowl of sai kut, a bowl of pig's maw and a pot of lean meat bak kut teh with additional Enoki mushroom, tau pok and vegetables. We also ordered yau char kuey to go with the bak kut teh.

Been eating too much rich food during Chinese New Year but we are still craving for BKT, so we ended up still eating BKT but with less meat and more vegetables.

Another friend from Klang met us at the outlet and her husband (Leng) introduced us to Klang Food Centre, the famous hand made pau (steamed Chinese bun). After breakfast, we all adjourned to buy the famous pau.

After listening to Leng's introduction to Klang food, we realized that there is more than just bak kut teh and seafood in Klang. We all agreed that we have to plan another Klang outing to try out more Klang specialities. I'm looking forward to the next trip to Klang.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

巴生小食馆 Restoran Klang Food Centre

I was in Hock Lai Bak Kut Teh with some friends and after breakfast, my friend's hubby introduces me to 巴生小食馆 Restoran Klang Food Centre
10, Jln Batai Laut 5,
Taman Intan, Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone : 603-3342 8122
GPS Coordinate : N3 03.354 E101 28.354

Making of  Char Siew Pau
This restaurant is well-known for its delicious hand made pau (steamed Chinese bun). They sells many different types of pau including big curry pau, big pork pau, braised pork pau, char siew pau, lotus paste pau and vegetable pau.

Their signature's dish is big curry pau, made by wrapping the fillings in an aluminium foil plate and wrapping it again with pau skin before steaming. 

Khau Yok Pau
What caught my attention was not their signature chicken pau but the unique mui choi pau and the khau yok pau. This is my first time eating mui choi pau and khau yok pau.

I bought 10 pieces of mui choi pau, 10 pieces of khau yok pau and 7 pieces of sang yok pau to share with my sister who loves hand made pau.

Mui Choi Pau
Thumbs up for both the mui choi and khau yok pau. The pau skin is so soft and the fillings are not too salty or oily. According to my brother-in-law, it is better than the ones in Tanjung Sepat.

Sang Yok Pau
I did not try the sang yok pau as it's for my nephew and I do not really fancy sang yok pau.

I will definitely come back to this place for pau!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oriental Pavilion - Jaya 33, PJ

Oriental Pavilion is a member of the Oriental Group of Restaurants. They are located at 1st Floor, Jaya 33, No.3, Jln Semangat, Section 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Mon - Sat : 11am-3pm & 6pm-11pm
Sun & Pub. Hol. : 10am–3pm & 6pm–11pm
Tel : 03-7956 9288

2011 Johnsonians' (combination of current and ex) CNY gatherings (both with the Operations team and Sales/Marketing/Supply Chain/Finance team) were held at Oriental Pavilion. The Operations gathering was on Feb.10th and the Sales/Marketing/Supply Chain/Finance gathering was on Feb.12th.

With the Operations' team, we had only 7 pax. Raymond ordered the set menu for 8 pax. We start the night with "lou sang".

新 年 齐 捞 生 (三文鱼捞生)
Salmon Yee Sang

金 玉 满 华 堂 (原盅蟹皇鱼翅
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crabroe
The braised shark's fin soup is super delicious. I really love this dish.

黄 金 拼 盘 (盆满砵满)
Deluxe BBQ Delicacies Combination Platter
This dish is a combination of char siew, siew yuk, lou chicken and tofu. The tofu is yummy. It is the smoothest tofu I've tasted so far. The cucumber is pickled and goes well with the meat.

新 岁 贺 有 余 (味噌焗白吞拿鱼)
Baked White Tuna Fish with Miso Sauce
This dish is not up to expectation. The fish was hard, maybe overcooked.

贺 岁 嘻 哈 笑 (生虾河粉汤)
Fresh Water Prawns with ‘Hor Fun’ in Superior Soup
By the time, we come to this dish, we (the ladies) were all very full. We shared one bowl and have the other bowls packed for take-away. The hor fun is very delicious but we were already very full.

新 春 贺 喜 庆 (山洛芦荟冻)
Chilled Sweetened Aloe-Vera  and  Longan.

Because ours an eight pax dinner, we also had an extra tofu with mushroom dish.

With the Sales/Marketing/Supply Chain/Finance group, which was much bigger (total of 3 tables), we had:

新 年 齐 捞 生 (三文鱼捞生)
Salmon Yee Sang

生 意 展 翅 飞 (火筒鸡炖勾翅) (每人每)
Double-Boiled Coral Shark’s Fin Soup with Chicken
This soup dish is very good.

双 宝 齐 贺 岁 (皇子鸭伴荤蹄)
Baby Duck with Trotter
The duck meat goes very well with the plum sauce and there is a special sauce for the trotter. Very tasty.

年 年 庆 有 余 (客家蒸河巴丁)
Steamed River Patin ‘Hakka’ Style
The steam fish is delicious.

贺 岁 献 宝 盆 (鲍鱼菌豆根扣鹅掌)
Braised Goose Web with Dried Scallop, Lingzhi Mushroom & Gluten
Eating the goose web with chopsticks is very messy but the taste is really good.

春 天 庆 丰 收 (春天腊味珍珠饭)
Steamed Glutinous Rice with Wax Meat
Not bad.

新 春 贺 喜 庆 (蜜瓜西米露)
Chilled Honeydew with Sago

双 星 齐 新 年 (花生糕伴豆沙窝饼)
Peanut Cake & Red Bean Paste Pancake
The peanut cake is really good. Not too sweet but full of flavour. Really enjoyed it.

Another year of great gatherings with fellow Johnsonians (both current and ex).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bibi Chik Restaurant - SS2 PJ

Bibi Chik Restaurant is located at No 17, SS2/30, 47300 Petaling Jaya
TEL: 603 7873 6769
Opening Hours: Daily 12nooon - 3pm, 6.30pm-10pm
GPS Coordinates: 3° 6' 47.28" N 101° 37' 14.76" E

Every year the 4-Sekawan (me and my other 3 friends, ex-colleagues) will meet up for Chinese New Year dinner and this year, there were only with 3 of us (Zureen, Koon Yin and myself) as Wai Leng was away on business trip.

Salmon Yee Sang
We chose Bibi Chik as the restaurant is pork free and they serve authentic and delicious nyonya food.

We started off with "lou sang". We had Salmon Yee Sang.
Ayam Ponteh
I'm never tired of eating Yee Sang. Can have it everyday and still be very happy :) Maybe because it's available only during Chinese New Year and after that no one sells till the next CNY.

Their top 10 signature dishes are honey sotong, BibiSauce chicken, assam prawns, mango fish, paku pakis, perut ikan, assam fish, petai prawns, butter prawns and crispy brinjal.

Honey Sotong
We ordered 2 of their top 10 signature dishes (honey sotong and paku pakis) and ayam ponteh to go with rice.

These are all my favorite food. The Ayam Ponteh is cooked with potatoes and sugar cane. Paku Pakis is a fern that grows wild in rubber estates. I used to eat alot of Paku Pakis during my childhood days as it's free and readily available. The sotong is deep fried and cooked with honey.

Paku Pakis Sambal Belacan
We had a great time catching up with one another. Dinner started at 7pm and by the time we left the restaurant is was past 10pm. Food was great and the place is a great place where you can take your time to eat and chit-chat.

If you visit them on weekends, there will be live music performance by Roy Chew.

Ole-Ole Bali

Ole-Ole Bali Solaris Mont Kiara
Lot 15 & 16 Ground Floor Block J Soho KL
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6204 9688
Fax: +603-6204 9698

Ian, Junie, Kuah, Ernest, Alvina nd KH brought me to Ole Ole Bali for my farewell lunch. It's my first time in Ole-Ole Bali.

Cumi Cumi Goreng
We had Cumi Cumi Goreng - fried calamari with fried potatoes. Very sinful but very delicious. Perfect as snacks with drinks.

Nasi Campur Ole Ole
Ernest ordered Nasi Campur Ole Ole, combination of Balinese grilled lemongrass prawns, squid, fish, choice of beef or chicken rendang, and sate lilit, served with sauteed kangkong, sambel terasi and sambel matah.

Nasi Kambing Bumbu
Alvin ordered Nasi Kambing Bumbu, fried mutton with rice, served with sauteed kangkong, sambel terasi and sambel matah.

Siap Megoreng
Ian and Junie had Siap Megoreng, served with sauteed kangkong, sambel terasi and sambel matah.

Siap Mepanggang
KH and I had the Siap Mepanggang which was also served with sauteed kangkong, sambel terasi and sambel matah.

Fish and Chips
Kuah goes for the western menu. He ordered Fish and Chips, served with apple sesame coleslaw, watermelon, fries, and tartar sauce. 

Lemongrass Mojito &
Lemongrass Ginger Tea
For drinks, we had the lemongrass mojito (monin mojito topped with soda, calamansi, garnished with mint leaf and stick of Lemongrass) and lemongrass ginger tea.
Food was great but the portion is too big for most of us. For small eaters, suggest order 1 set to share. 
Thanks my friends for introducing Ole-Ole Bali to me and for your company.

Friday, February 11, 2011

La Risata Restaurant @ Persiaran Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

La Risata is located at 16 Persiaran Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TEL: 603 4252 6269
Type of Cuisine: Western European Italian
Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm–2.30pm & 7pm–10.30pm

Warm Bread with Tapenade
AJ and Shi Fun brought me to La Risata for my farewell. We had warm bread with tapenade, a Provencal dish consisting of pureed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. We also had garlic bread as starter. Both the bread were lovely.

Garlic Bread
Shi Fun had mushroom soup and salad.

Chicken with Potatoes & Pumpkins
AJ ordered a chicken dish which is served with potatoes and pumpkins.

Spaghetti with Gourmet Meatballs
I had spaghetti with gourmet meatballs in tomato sauce. The spaghetti was great until I saw red meat in the meat balls. The cooked meat ball taste great but the not so cooked ones are not to my liking.

Thanks AJ and Shi Fun for the farewell lunch.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant - KLCC

Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant, KLCC is a member of  Tai Thong Group of Restaurants. It is located at Lot 413 & 414, 4th Floor, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603-2166 9881

Spring Garden is the venue for my farewell lunch with the Malaysian Leadership Team. Oyah ordered the Chinese New Year set.

We start with "lou sang" - fresh dragon fruit & salmon Yee Sang followed with:
- Braised soup with bamboo pit and dried scallops
- Crispy roasted chicken with spicy sauce
- Steamed garoupa fish with soy sauce
- Si Chuan style white prawn balls
- Braised sea cucumber, mushrooms, dried oyster and broccoli
- Fried rice
- Chilled longan with sea coconut
- Chinese New Year pastry delight

Sorry, did not take any picture as I was the guest of honor :) Trust me, food is really good with exception of the steamed garoupa fish with soy sauce which we believed is over cooked.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vietnam Kitchen - Jaya 33 Petaling Jaya

The Vietnam Kitchen that we had our 2011 MBA class gathering is located at PG-02D, Lot 33, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7957 1126
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Chinese New Year Promotion
Since our graduation, we hardly meet up as we were all busy with our careers. This year, we make it a point to have a Chinese New Year  (CNY) gathering. Attendance was great, 7 out of 9!

We ordered the Chinese New Year package (7 Fortune Platter + Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang) which is good for 4-5 pax plus another set for 3-4 pax as we have 8 people in total (7 adults and 1 child).

Prosperity Yee Sang
The Prosperity Yee Sang is pretty unique as it's made of many different type of fruits (including dragon fruit) and the crunchy stuff is also different from the ones found in the traditional Yee Sang. My choice? I'll still go for the traditional Yee Sang as I do not quite like the crunchy stuff in the Vietnamese style Yee Sang.

7 Fortune Platter
The 7 Fortune Platter has 7 different unique Vietnamese dishes. Yum. All the dishes taste good.

Set B made up of 4 different dishes:
- Hot plate basil pork with nuts
- Treasure-stuffed tomato with fish sauce
- Stir-fried "yau mak"
- Fish fillet with pineapple sauce

The set too is not too bad. The stuffed tomatoes are pretty unique.

Our total meal came up to RM210.00 including drinks. Most of us ordered Orange Soda which was very refreshing.

We had a great time catching up and had long discussions why women do not trust their husbands to work in China - we have 2 classmates who are now based in China :). Wonder whether our next gathering will be in Wuxi or Dalian or Shanghai or Tianjin?

The only complaint that we had about the restaurant was that the table was not big enough for the 8 of us. We had to join tables or opt for a long table set-up :(